Zibo fan. Mine fan, mine fan, coal mine fan, mine fan, centrifugal fan

Spray fan
Main and auxiliary fan for metal mine
Local ventilator for metal mine
Mine explosion-proof main fan
Local fan for coal mine
Gas extraction fan
Gas pressure fan
Boiler induced draft fan
General centrifugal fan
Dust extraction centrifugal fan
High-temperature fan
Pulverized coal centrifugal fan
General axial flow fan
Roof fan
Shandong Bofeng Fan Co., Ltd. was established on July 6, 1999, and is located at No. 001 Industrial Park, Nanjiao Town, Zhoucun District, Zibo City. It lies on the Bolai Expressway in the east, the Jiqing Expressway in the west, and the National Highway 309 in the south. The transportation is convenient and the communications are developed. There are 38 technicians.

Zibo Fan. Mine Fan, Mine Fan, Coal Mine Fan, Mine Fan, Centrifugal Fan Manufacturer Shandong Bofeng Fan Co., Ltd.

Zibo fan. Mine fan, mine fan, coal mine fan, mine fan, centrifugal fan
Shandong Bofeng Fan Co., Ltd. provides long-term high-quality services for the equipment sold, and the after-sales technical services enjoy free lifetime;
After-sales service group under the company's sales department, composed of personnel with long-term field service experience;
The company promises to provide a reply within 4 hours after receiving the user's notice when there is a problem with the equipment sold, and to provide technical services to the scene within 24 hours; ... [Details]

Entrepreneurial spirit: innovation and development, integrity and win-win
Corporate values: always satisfy customers

Business philosophy: the pursuit of perfection and integrity first
Corporate style: keep improving and keep improving

Service concept: Timely thoughtfulness and thoughtfulness

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